Rogue AI

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  • To start the hacking sequence insert the corresponding usb drive according to the rogue AI identification table and refer to the hacking instructions

Step 1: Identification

  • According to the characteristics of your rogue AI, identify which color USB drive needs to be inserted using the venn diagram
  • The rogue AI may attempt to confuse you with characteristics not appearing in the diagram, ignore them

Step 2: Hacking

  • Once the correct USB drive had been inserted the hacking sequence will begin
  • The AI will give a pair of words/symbols
  • Using these pairs insert the command from this debugging table
  • Repeat until the rogue AI is gone
_________ Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf
Alpha-img-real.jpg Pause Resume Pause Init Stop Init Reset
Bravo-img.jpg Stop Pause Resume Analysis Analysis Stop Resume
Charlie-img.jpg Analysis Resume Pause Stop Pause Reset Resume
Delta-img-real.jpg Analysis Reset Analysis Resume Reset Init Stop
Echo-img-real.jpg Stop Analysis Pause Reset Resume Pause Reset
Foxtrot-img-real.jpg Init Reset Resume Init Stop Init Resume
Golf-img.jpg Resume Reset Stop Analysis Pause Resume Analysis