Engine Power

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  • To supply power to the engine a fuse must be placed at the position corresponding to the engine
  • Follow the actions shown on the panel from top to bottom to identify the position of the fuse that needs replacing
  • After identifying the position of the engine button, click that button to replace the fuse

Initial Position



All positions are shifted to the left or right by 1

1 X X X Shift Right X 1 X X
X X 2 X X X X 2
X X X 3 3 X X X
4 X X X X 4 X X


All positions are mirrored along the horizontal(red) or vertical(blue) line

1 X X X Mirror on the red 4 X X X
X X 2 X X X X 3
X X X 3 X X 2 X
4 X X X 1 X X X


The whole grid is rotated by 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise

1 X X X Rotate Clockwise 4 X X 1
X X 2 X X X X X
X X X 3 X X 2 X
4 X X X X 3 X X


switch the places of 4 positions

1 X X X Replace X 3 X X
X X 2 X X X 2 X
X X X 3 X X 1 X
4 X X X 4 X X X